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Our Commitment to Your Security and Privacy
The First American Corporation, founded in 1889, is the leading provider of real estate-related financial services. First American is committed to offering an online environment that adheres to industry-standard security and privacy practices. We use the latest technologies and partner with third-party security companies to provide our customers the most secure computing environment possible.

FASTWeb's order environment features several of the most widely accepted and endorsed security methods to ensure that transactions, ordering and fulfillment are safe and that all exchanges of information remain confidential.

The primary measures of security employed within the FASTWeb environment are the use of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption and third-party firewall filtering technologies. In addition, every session by a FASTWeb customer requires a unique user name and password before access to the system is permitted. Finally, ICSA (International Computer Security Association) certification requires that we constantly monitor the FASTWeb system in accordance with our security policy and management practices.

  • Netscape's Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is the standard technology for secure, Web-based communications. All traffic between FASTWeb customers and the Web server is encrypted with a unique "session key." SSL is built into server hardware, and requires a "digital ID" in order to be functional. These layers of protection virtually guarantee that unauthorized parties cannot view information. With SSL and this digital ID in place, the FASTWeb site protects communications between the Web server and a FASTWeb user.

  • Firewall filtering is a set of related programs that protect the resources of a private network from users from other networks. The firewall acts as a defense barrier between the FASTWeb server and the Internet, granting access and information only to those who are authorized to do so.

  • Password Protection—In addition to these measures, each transaction is password-protected as an integral part of FASTWeb membership. A private password works in conjunction with a unique username the same way that an ATM password protects your card from unauthorized use. Online transactions within the FASTWeb environment can only be performed by users with legitimate usernames and passwords.

First American is committed to protecting our corporate information resources and to safeguarding our customers' data. As a VeriSign customer, we are affirming our confidence in the ability to be safe and secure as we do business on the Internet.

The measures implemented in the FASTWeb environment are the most current and the most widely endorsed methods of security in the computer industry today. With these methods in place and with continued monitoring of security issues, FASTWeb customers can be assured of the privacy, security and integrity of their online transactions within the FASTWeb environment.

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