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  Title Insurance  
  Title insurance insures against loss sustained by the insured if the title is, in actuality, other than as insured. The beneficiaries of title insurance policies generally are real estate buyers and mortgage lenders. A title insurance policy protects the named insured against title defects, liens and encumbrances existing as of the date of the policy and not excepted from coverage. For a one-time premium, the policy remains in effect until the property is sold or refinanced.  
  Escrow Services  

Escrow is a process that requires a neutral third party to perform the following functions to close a real estate transaction:

  • Receives a completed and fully executed purchase and sales agreement and/or lender's instructions
  • Orders and delivers a commitment for title insurance to the parties of the transaction
  • Orders all necessary payoff statements and demands to clear the title
  • Prepares all necessary documents to transfer title
  • Prepares the estimated and final closing statements
  • Obtains all necessary signatures, funds and documents to close the transaction
  • Records and delivers all necessary documents and disburses the funds according to the parties' and/or lender's instruction
  Credit Reports  
  FASTWeb delivers Instant Merge® credit reports online, with the click of a mouse, in seconds. This immediate access to complete credit information is a tremendous, easy-to-use benefit to those who base day-to-day and long-term business decisions on credit worthiness. FASTWeb uses a secure, encrypted connection that allows the Instant Merge Report to be reviewed online or printed. Signing up for Credit is easy through a single application form. Existing First American CREDCO customers need only complete the Internet Addendum to their current contract and Authorized Employee Agreement for each employee who will be ordering credit reports.  
  Appraisal Services  

Competition in today's mortgage marketplace is forcing fast turnaround of information and quick decision-making from its professionals--and that includes the need for rapid determination of property market values. That's why First American Appraisal Services has blended seasoned personnel with advanced technology to bring you appraisals you can depend on, faster than ever before. Using centralized data research, telecommuting and state-of-the-art operations management systems, First American Appraisal Services offers a full array of product choices, including:

  • Statistical evaluations
  • Desk and field reviews
  • Drive-by appraisals
  • Full URAR 1004 reports
  Flood Compliance  

As the premier flood zone determination and compliance service provider, all of us at First American Flood Data Services take pride in giving you the same reliable, professional service that you've come to expect from the First American family. Our research efforts combined with Geographic Information System technology make up the industry's most comprehensive database, supplying us with the resources to return the vast majority of requests instantly. Certifications requiring manual research will typically be completed within 24 hours, if not sooner.

We provide a variety of services that quickly fulfill your compliance needs:

  Origination Services  
  • Basic determination gives a "snap shot" determination to the structure at the time of request.
  • With Life-of-Loan tracking, we monitor the structure for any FEMA flood map revisions during the life of the loan. And, as the most widely accepted LOL service in the industry, we save time and money in wholesale and correspondent networks as well as loan/servicing sales.
  • Census Tract Data helps you maintain compliance with the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act.

We offer customized portfolio products to best fit your unique portfolio and acquisition needs:

  Portfolio Compliance/Loss Mitigation Services  
  • Portfolio Review uses the standard determination method, providing a flood zone determination for each loan in your portfolio. This can be done on all or a portion of your entire portfolio.
  • Portfolio Risk Audit is a relatively inexpensive, quick alternative to a portfolio review that mitigates the risk of flood loss. We can identify loans considered to be in high risk, flood prone areas and provide flood zone determinations.
  • MapTrak® is a cost-effective service that gives you the security of ongoing compliance by tracking loan portfolios for flood map revisions. You're notified when a flood map or community status changes.

To view a sample Standard Flood Hazard Determination, you'll need to have adobe Acrobat Reader installed. If you already have Adobe Acrobat Reader, click here.

If not, click below to obtain a free copy from Adobe's Web site.

Download sample Flood Report

  Property Profiles  

Property Profiles are available in certain geographic regions. A profile report combines comprehensive information on:

  • Property characteristics
  • Comparable sales
  • Neighborhood information
  • Area services
  • School statistics
  • Demographics
  Recorded Documents  

Recorded Documents are the currently vesting deed on a property, and are available in certain geographic regions. You may simply order the current vesting deed on a subject property by using the property profiles existing document number. The documents are stored for up to five days under the Recorded Documents link on the left navigation bar.

To view a sample Recorded Document, you'll need to have adobe Acrobat Reader installed. If you already have Adobe Acrobat Reader, click here.

If not, click below to obtain a free copy from Adobe's Web site.

  Aircraft Title Insurance  
  Aircraft title insurance protects both lenders and owners from problems that may occur with an aircraft transaction. As a lender, there are numerous complications that could place your security interest in jeopardy, such as defective filing of documents or a challenge to the priority of your lien. As an aircraft owner, your interests are protected against any title problems that occur - from documentation errors to fraud - which may divest you of your ownership or interest in your aircraft.  
  Vessel Title Insurance  
  Vessel title insurance protects both lenders and owners from problems that may occur with a vessel transaction. Its coverage includes insurance for title problems, fraud in the transaction, documentation problems, gap protection, and lack of priority of the preferred ship mortgage over statutory liens for Necessaries.  
  Mortgage Leads  
  LeadsToLoans(R) is the leading Web-based source of mortgage prospect contact information for customer acquisition and retention. Select from refinance, equity and nonconfirming borrowers using current loan information, including the names of lenders, mortgage type, rate type, origination date, interest rate and many other details for first and junior trust deeds and mortgages.  
  TRV Reports  
  TRV ( Tax Return Verification) services provide tax return data validated directly through the United States Internal Revenue Service. Whether self-employed, salaried, commissioned or earning income through other sources, TRV provides lenders with a fast, simple, convenient and reliable way to validate the borrower's total income. TRV not only dramatically reduces income fraud, but, in addition, some lenders use Government Sponsored Enterprise approved TRV service to minimize the number of times borrowers are required to dig-out copies of tax returns. TRV is available on any individual or business that has authorized the release of this information in connection with an application for credit or a similar consideration.  
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